(Everyone at Chicago Health is involved in numerous charities on a local level. Kris ___

Sinisa supports Skyart, formerly The South Chicago Art Center (http://www.skyart.org/home/ )

Maria is involved in Heifer International  ( http://www.heifer.org ) by contributing annually to the organization which helps to end hunger and poverty.  She also has been involved in gymnastics for many years, teaching children from the age of 2 through 18.

One organization has been very dear to all three of us - Special Olympics
( http://specialolympics.org/ )

Both Kris and Sinisa played intercollegiate tennis while in college and ever since their connection to sport has grown exponentially. They both still play competitively on a club level, while both of Kris' sons are leading their college and high school tennis teams.

As first account witnesses of the positive power that involvement in sports can shape someone's life we donate part of our profits to Special Olympics. We are very excited to be in a position to help other people get involved in various sports that will undoubtedly have a profound positive effect on their lives. Sinisa's sister in law, Ellen Lehman is 4 time special Olympian in basketball, softball, archery and bowling.

Thank you for supporting us. We are committed to grow and continue to support Special Olympics.

Should you choose to get involved as well, please follow this link:


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