Simple Tips for Managing Stress

Simple Tips for Managing Stress

Stress is a fundamental part of life for everyone and, more than likely, you have a few stress-reduction methods that work for you. But could you possibly open new doors of opportunity by managing daily stress differently?

Chicago Health Foods Super Stress Complex, Adrenal Support, Sleep Support, and L-Theanine provide a safe and natural path toward better stress management. Each complex is carefully designed by health specialists who understand how vitamins, minerals, herbs, and hormones affect the brain, nervous system, and muscles. A calm state of mind is probably the best gift you could give yourself, so take these tips with your supplements and enjoy the focus and concentration that comes with a more relaxed approach to daily life:


Create structure in your life by maintaining a regular schedule that allows ample time for sleep each night. The National Sleep Foundation recommends seven to nine hours for adults. If you have trouble getting to sleep, try turning down lights an hour before bed. Substitute television and the internet for a book, bath or cup of herbal tea. Try a Sleep Support Complex that contains essential B vitamins, the body-clock hormone melatonin, and the natural muscle relaxants passionflower and valerian.


Tiring out your muscles is the best way to tire your brain, and researchers consistently report that exercise reduces stress by increasing the body's levels of serotonin. Unfortunately, it's impossible to exercise regularly if fatigue is bringing you down. Consider an Adrenal Support Complex for a balance of B vitamins, exotic root extracts, pantothenic acid and vitamin C to knock out the stress that's holding you back. If you aren't athletically inclined, try a class in yoga, aerobics, line dancing, Pilates or kick-boxing. Eventually, you'll find a form of activity you like and enjoy enough to continue.


If you're an animal lover, a pet could become your best friend and stress remedy. Walk a dog for a dose of Vitamin D, fresh air and the chance to meet neighbors and make new friends. A purring cat has a way of putting problems into perspective, and even a fish or reptile helps alleviate loneliness when no one is around. Researchers claim the bond you form with a pet is healthy and good for you. If animals make you anxious or you can't afford to care for one, however, it's better to remain pet-free.


The therapeutic benefits of massage are well documented. An ongoing appointment with a massage therapist is ideal but not always possible, so invest in a shiatsu massage cushion with heat, foot bath, jacuzzi or another at-home system that will knead your tight muscles after a tough day. Enhance the experience with calming music, aromatherapeutic candles and closed eyes for maximum benefit.


A cup of chamomile tea before bed is a time-honored remedy for relaxation but isn't the only plant-based supplement that combats stress. The past few decades of research have identified a variety of natural, effective stress-reducing agents, some of which are available in health food stores. Try L-theanine, a safe stress-reducing compound found in green tea. 100 milligrams an hour before bedtime can lead to deep sleep and peaceful dreams.


Integrate the concepts behind meditation into everything you do and achieve calmness in taxing situations. Breathe deeply, close your eyes and focus inward. Look for a quiet and serene spot at your workplace -- maybe a water fountain or peaceful bench -- and eat lunch there. Spend a few minutes stretching out instead of impulsively checking social media. Hum to yourself, keep a journal, buy a beautiful coloring book and enjoy the mindlessness of filling the pages.

Subtracting stress is possible with the methods that work best for you, so keep experimenting. A Super Stress Complex that provides important B vitamins is the best place to start. Don't forget to include antioxidants and healthy fats in your daily diet. Dark greens, bright vegetables and rich proteins are required to keep stress on the shelf and better enjoy your life and those around you. Namaste!

Sinisa Rasberger

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